And the Only Prescription Is More Cow-bell !

This was a quote from Christopher Walken in his classic role as the manager of Blue Oyster Cult in a Saturday Night Live skit about the band recording "Don't Fear the Reaper" back in 1976. Chris Parnell, Chris Kattan and Horatio Sanz were so funny but the scene was stolen by Will Ferrell in a shirt 2 sizes too small showing his belly as he played cow-bell, enthusiastically, over his head. Love it!

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I loved that video! He's actually quite an accomplished singer and dancer, well rounded training as an entertainer, not just an actor of great note.<br />
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I also really liked him in the Will Ferrell/Rachel Dratch "Love-AH" skits, talking of goat meat and lovemaking while cricket children call out in the night. XD

For those of you who like Chris Walken in this awesome skit, you may also enjoy him on a great FatBoy Slim video, where he proves he truly is superhuman.

C'mon baby, <br />
<br />
Mary, take my hand<br />
<br />
We'll be able to fly<br />
<br />
Baby I'm your maaaaaaaaan.....

Nuthin' funnier than male nudity!

Well, I know that I am an unashamed TV junkie and was raised on TV but not everyone knows this skit. It was repeated on E! channel the other night, still cracks me up. <br />
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Jimmy Fallon ruins EVERY SNL skit he's ever been in by being completely unable to keep character and be composed. It's only funny for the cast to laugh if they mess up on the rare occasion not every time they're on stage. I like him as Barry Gibb with Justin Timberlake as Robin Gibb, that's about it.

Your so silly, doesn't everyone know where thats from?

C'mon Mary....take my hand......we'll be able to fly.......

Gotta have more cowbell, Baby!

Because, the group was made: I have a fever<br />
I flippantly joined, bcz it triggered this funny quote (but I'm not running a temperature, the group originator was)

Why are you explaining where that quote is from?

HAHA! That's great, I love it! Thanks!

I love that skit. Whenever my friends and I are playing rockband and Don't Fear the Reaper comes on, one of us always have to bust out with "I Have a Fever!"