A Little Sick-ish

I think I must be coming down with something because I have this weird fever at the moment. I took something for it and thankfully, it eased off for a few hours but now it's back again. And it's not just a fever; I've had chills for the past 2 nights now. I get into bed and it's like hot/cold/hot/cold. Around the same time I developed a weird dizzy-ish, headachey feeling that I can't shake (that hasn't come back as much since I took something). My ears are ringing a bit too and my eyes sort of felt weird.... I don't know if it's linked but I found it odd it happened at the same time. I feel really thirsty and maybe a little out of breath too, only so far the 'out of breath' feeling has only come at night when the fever is worse. I wonder if it's the flu or something. Anyway, I better take something again, now enough time has passed. I just hope I can sleep it off; I felt better this morning before it slowly came back.

FateCantDecide FateCantDecide
22-25, F
Mar 24, 2009