I've Had A Ton Of Dream Jobs So Far.

(Back when I was in highschool I was at one point determined to be a mortician. Yep, I was one of those kids. Morbidly fascinated with death, and what has to happen to the bodies before they can be buried/whathaveyou. To be honest, I kind of got over this one. I got to seriously considering the situation, and while in most cases I think I would be fine....dead children would cause me to lose it. So scratch that one!)


Next came my big psychology obsession. Just psychology in general. I then became particularly interested in abnormal psychology. THEN I realized PARANORMAL psychology. So for the majority of the remainder of school this is what I'd decided I'd do. Never quite happened, but it is still an interest of mine.


Next comes photography. My love I can't really afford. I am particularly drawn to the more alternative and erotic styles. Fetish, in particular. I live and breathe art...and photography was the only thing I really had an eye for. This is the only one I haven't let go of. I'd still love to do this.


Lately I've been entertaining the idea of being a sex therapist.

So honestly, if I could wrap up the last three into a lovely little package and do all of them...I would be a happy, happy girl!

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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I told a judge once In court that I wanted to be a sexologist.And he asked why?I told him that kids need more help than the sick bastards who are abusing them! If our court system actually worked as It shood. The pedafiles would not be walking the streets,PERIOD!<br />
He didn't much like me after that statement.but I let him know that his anger just proved my point!!!!