Women's Feet And Clothing

I'm a straight 21-yr-old guy with a sexual interest in women's feet and clothing and I'm proud! It's not often that you get something like this....
Yoshi9ist Yoshi9ist
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

This is something people use to go to therapy. Now its accepted, lol this country is FUBAR. Wait please tell me you dont live in the US. Oh wait your a freak and you think it socially accepted, yeah you are an american

Unlike most Americans I consider it my civic duty to protect the president regardless of my personal opinions about the current bigwig because he is my representative both at home and abroad. An attack on the president is considered an attack on my country, my home.

In what way are you interested in women's clothing? I love women's feet as well, especially if they're covered by sexy or kinky garments!

I cross-dress.