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My name is Kaitlyn. I am 16 and engaged to the love of my life. He is currently at bootcamp in California..I am trying to find other women who have their significant other over there so we can go through the experience together. Please feel free to comment and add me i will be more than willing to talk and help out in anyway i can.
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Hey, we've already talked lolz. But my marine is over there too. If you ever need anything just message me and we can go through it together possiblly and you can always have my cell number if it helps

Hey there. I'm Sierra and I'm 16 too. My fiance is in Parris Island, South Carolina at boot camp and he graduates September 10th. Stay strong and keep busy girl. Message me if you ever need anything. <br />
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Semper Fi <3

I do not have a significant other in boot camp right now, but my step son graduated from MCRD in April, so I have been through the 'boot family ' experience recently , and would be happy to talk with you or any one about the boot process, or the emotion, or whatever you wanted to talk about. Our son will complete his MOS training next week and then leaves for his permanent duty station at Camp Legume before being deployed. <br />
To me, going through the Marine training program as family of a recruit was both amazing and emotional. We are so proud of our son and admire anyone who has the strength to make it through. Be sure to visit , there you will find any information that you might possibly want to know about the 13 week boot camp process. It is a wonderful site. You can not talk to your Marine recruit but their drill instructor wives update regularly on their progress. They are such a big help! Feel free to email me or whatever!