Christian Grey ( Oh,swooon)

I have a crush on Christian Grey From the Trilogies Fifty Shades of Grey. I have read the book over 30 times and i've only had it for 3 weeks! ugh! i am in love with him! lol I know, i know, he's not real, but i LOVE him!!!!!!

_Fictional boys are so much better :*
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LOL If you'd like to know, theres People on Twitter who play Ana, and Christian, and Elliot, and all the other chracters... If you'd like too you could add them and chat with them one-on-one, just a suggestion <3 They do almost EVERYTHING, and I mean all the way from talking the talk, to walking the walk... all you have to do is search them on Twitter and you'd have a whole list will appear of different choices to choose from

Well you know what kind of guy you want in real life now!

haha yeah...