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Today is an important day.Philip and i have been together for 10 years and life was so tough.His hardware business failed and was jobless.I was divorced and penniless.He did odd jobs and i was in real estate.Our income barely keep us afloat as we have to support his mentally ill wife and 2 children age 12yrs and 14 yrs,ourselves and a van(loan to us from a good friend).In times of financial difficulties,good friends came to our rescue.5 years ago we started a small handyman business.Philip is very good with handyman skills and i can communicated well.We work from home which is an apartment rented to us at a discounted rental by Philip's good friend.The business took off and we could at least have better times than before.We have no savings and my medical fees are taken care temporary by the government.Philip owns a small public flat and today the flat is transferred to his eldest son's name.The home prices have gone up so much so that we we could have some money for old age.We have less financial responsiblilties too..From today onwards we don't have to worry whether we have enough earnings for the month's expences.Our business depends on call in.If my phone doesn't rings means today there is no income.We are so blessed.
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Thanks for dropping by.Have a blessed day.I am on chal online and left you a message.

To a good future, my name is bell your friend :)

Thank you so much to notice my story and happy for us.Have a blessed day.

Thank you so much.Its been 14 years since i divorced and lived in a sorry state.The last 10 years was bitter and sweet.Now we were so happy today not because of the money.Its more like a big stone off our hearts.