I Love My New Baby Gecko Hes So Adorable !

I Just got a flame Crested gecko the other day its amazing! I'm not sure the sex yet because its not developed and is just a baby but its name is Coconut ! I am so happy to have him he crawls on me then jumps really fast and really far sometimes and i love it  crested geckos are nocturnal animals and like to sleep all day! kinda boring at first until you get to know them,he doesn't need a heat lamp he just needs some mist at night and hes fine! I feed it crickets strawberries and bananas, so far. Hes quite happy now and he loves to lick his eye which makes me laugh a lot .His story is kinda sad really. Theres this local pet shop and we went to go find a leopard gecko originally but then they showed us this one. We (my bf and I) loved him and thought he was cute. The store clerk told us that she could give us a good deal because someone ordered him and when he came they said they didn't like the patterns and they didn't want it and he was getting older and they were worried and that made me want to have him so much more ! As if people don't like a living thing because of its patterns is that not just bad as not liking another person because of their  colors or patterns? I love this little guy so much i even made him a 2 picture album and i'm going to take more once he settles down i'm so happy and they live 20 years so hopefully he lives even longer! hes the most adorable little guy you ever did see!You should see him hunt crickets he gets better every time! I love my Coconut! Hes really intelligent you should see I will give you all an update soon with new pictures or maybe a new video i hope you like this story! and this Coconut LOL

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It's super said that someone decided they didn't want it! It's probably some up there arse breeder that was looking for a certain pattern. It's got a better home with you now!

Well. 8

Oh! Cool. I have one, too!