I Sit On My Butt Long Enough, Should I Be Fat?

I Drove around the country in an 18 wheeler, so shouldn't I have a big nice *** now since all I do is sit on it?  It practically hurts if I have to sit on a hard surface.  My bony butt is still the same as when I left high school. Shouldn't I have age maturely enough to get some well rounded padding. So when I sit, its nice and comfy? Am i doom in life to always keep working and bring something soft and plush to sit on.  If anyone has any idea if they make fake butts to sit on at the theater or anyher that you can stuff you pants with. Please let me know. After all, women oftn stuff there bra, so why not those guys with flat butts. Sometimes they look nice when you stand, but ask them after ten minutes and its killing me.

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
Mar 7, 2009