In My World Even a B Cup Is Big

To me if you have a 34A-B cup your boobs are fine and YOU ARE NOT FLAT CHESTED, unless of course youre 6 feet tall in which case yes you probably should have a C/D cup. My boyfriend dated a girl who was 5'7 and had about an 32A -34A cup, they fit her perfectly, they didn't look too small on her. Maybe it was the way she carried herself.

For me, im 4'10 and i have about a 30A cup and for some reason i think they are too small when they should be perfect for my size. I dont get it how can a girl whos 5'7 have small boobs and look great but someone my height with small boobs look like her boobs are too small? maybe its because my butt is so big that it looks weird. maybe if i had a flatter but i would look normal.
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

Looking at the braless photo in your gallery, I would have to say your breasts are perfect for your body. That's my unbiased opinion. You could wear a padded bra to push them up or something, but I don't think that's necessary. They look good the way they are.

when u r going out somewhere just go one day braless and they will feel bigger

understood. but keep in mind that curvy hips can be as attractive as a curvy chest. :-)

I want both :)

hehe :-D

it's probably as much about proportion as anything. if a woman has wide shoulders, then small boobs may appear smaller on her than a woman who had narrower shoulders. i think the same applies to wider versus narrower hips. and to some extent height.<br />
given your height, i'd imagine your boobs are really in proportion to your body.

they would be if i didnt have such a big butt. because my lower half is so wide it makes my upper half look tiny.

just out of curiosity, what do your hips measure around?