What Does Flat Mean To You?

I've started to notice that men say they like flat chested women but flat to guy is not the same as flat to a woman. I do not think i have a flat chest but i do think my boobs are small. So what exactly is flat to you?
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To me, flat means no breasts at all. That's a lot different from being small. Either way, they can still be attractive and sexy.

To me. I guess I don't really care!
But then to me, an attractive woman is one who is comfortable in how she feels.
That comes across when they interact with you!
And confidence is far sexier than cleavage!

Flat is flat just nipples which is sexy too and anything up to a B is good

Flat is in the eye of the beholder. Many times I've used the term flat to describe a petite Asian's ****, but in reality she is just small, **** and all. But there's still not a lot of boob there so flat is fairly descriptive. I'd say anything less than a B cup could be considered flat, an A cup definitely. I like small boobs, my wife is Asian and my favorite lovers are Asian and I love their 30a boobs. So I'd be safe to say I love flat chested women, I think it's sexy.

Flat is me. i look like this screen your are looking at with nipples. When I was 8 or 9 I remember them getting hard and they kinda hurt thereafter. but after like 2 weeks, the growth part just stopped. I didn't pay it any mind until everyone and their mothers and baby sisters were getting boobs. Emotionally, I think I stopped growing. At 43 I don't have adult conversation skills others have. I had a baby at 22, they leaked milk but i wouldn't dare breast feed. To this day, I cringe at the word breast. So that is what flat is to me.

Hey there! Read my entry just below! My wife is flat as a board and is also the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world. She used to wear clothes that hid her chest, but with my encouragement she now wears tight shirts that show the world that flat is beautiful. My wife also has a lover, a man whose wife has big full breasts. He has told my wife he prefers her chest over his wife's big breasts. I know how he feels! I think in our bigger-is-better American culture big breasts are touted as the only way to go. But deep down everybody has their feelings about what beauty is to them. Until I came along my wife had never heard that flat is beautiful. Now she knows that it is.

My beautiful wife is flat - as in flat-as-a-board flat. She has zero breasts. And I've been crazy about her for 25 years. Though she has a gorgeous face and eyes, incredibly well-developed hips and butt, it is her chest that has always gotten to me, such a unique look in a woman. She does have really big, erect nipples, which are very erotic. She's built like a ballerina, so a flat chest looks perfect on her. Until I came along to sing praises about her beautiful chest she always felt shy and awkward about it and dressed to hide her flatness. Now she regularly wears tight-fitting shirts and tops that show to the world how perfectly flat she is, and I am in awe of her beauty.

Flat can be anything from boyish to small. I'm speaking as a male who loves the female body. My ex had a boob job before she met me as she thought she was too small. Pardon my directness but when she was on top I could feel her, not her implants and it was gorgeous. She so regretted getting them done.

good question. 'flat' is a subjective term. i'm not sure i'd know how to ob<x>jectively describe it. but i guess when her boobs are so small that they appear pre-pubescent. and i'm referring to fully grown adult women. as if the boobs dont seem to belong to the rest of the body, taking into account relative differences in body shape. <br />
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a very short, petite woman might have the same bra size as a taller, bigger woman, and one may seem flat-chested yet the other not..