Silicone, Get In Here!

Should I try inserts?
Is it lying?
I have to wear a dress to a school dance and I need to look good, not only for others but myself.
I'm known for my big butt and i haven't heard any complaints about my 32AA chest, but I do wear a push up even though it gapes open in the front.

I wonder if guys think it's an issue because I still haven't had a boyfriend and I'm sixteen.

I hate going to the beach because I look like a child. There is no way to hide my lack of chest in a bikini. And I don't have the money to buy a gel bikini from

So should I use chicken cutlettes?
Tigerlilyb Tigerlilyb
4 Responses Feb 8, 2013

I seek out smaller women. Be proud and men will find you sexy!!!

don't use anything be proud of what you got.Alot of guys like small breasts

many guys like small breasted women. They stay perky and beautiful. Plus she don't need to wear a bra. Or even sexier were shelf bra with your nipples are visible. Doing this will get you much more attention than many large breasted women. Please add me as a friend I will tell you truthfully how I feel about your boobies

Stand proud, I am sure you are beautiful as you are. There are all kinds of guys out there for all kinds of girls. Hang in there.