So What!

so what if i have a flat chest. it doesn't mean i can't work with it. people who have a flat chest are far more beautiful and more respected than others. do you know that to be a model you got to have a flat chest. some women wear dresses or bras to make their chest flat so they could look like a super model.

and if a guy doesn't like you for your flat chest, then its his lost!

i just love my flat chest!!

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Small boobs rock!

Flat chested women are the most beautiful and sexy of all. Add me?

What size are they?
So you ever show them off?

It's ok that you have a flat chest, so long as you love them! ;-) Plus, nipples are where it's really at! Ha ha

weirder news, i seem to have flatten over a year, now my size is only 31 and negative cup A (my sis joke of my small chest. >.<). <br />
<br />
to all those who have small boobies.. love them!

From my experience, men are either uninterested or completely fascinated by small breasts.

what matter the most is how you treasure it! for love or just for sex?

i'm a 32 A and i dont care much because sexy is just not something that i care to be.<br />
it makes me uncomfortable when people look at my chest/*** so my chest right now is the biggest i would ever want it to be.<br />
a lot of clothes can make large chested people look slutty, so i can understand why they dont like it.

Yay for you!


No tited girl don't need bra, can go with some the cutest dress of the world, and...<br />
I love them, just all.<br />
<br />
In my opinion you're just lucky.

i love small breasted women and get very hot when they go outside with just a shirt or T on and no bra.

im 45 and allways had a flat chest the biggest ive ever been is a 34A and due to doing a lot of funning im now a 32AA , allways wanted a bit more if im honest but i love the fact i dont need to pay for bras as nothing to put in 1 i can just sling my t shirt on and go out the only thing that bothers me really is that i have big nips that stand out and guys notice them all time and so it makes it more obvious how flat cheated i am.but it is only women ever made nasty comments like nice nips shame bt the **** the usual things lol but men ive never had any probs with infact plenty of male attention and flat i may be but il never have saggys lol be nice to talk to other women with a flat chest tho i feel alone here

I had a look at your pics, and you look damn cute to me, A-cups and all. The yellow dress pic makes them look so succulent... I could worship them for hours :)

why do people say i'm not flat chested! my cap size will forever will be just a 32A . c'mon. that's flat enough..

I preffer by far small breasts. More than a mouth full is a waite. Also flat chested girls don't need to be contious about flopping breasts when they run. Small breasts are the best

I love my sweet little *******! :)

i guess, in a guys perceptive but in girls, yeah some think they're not good looking. or maybe we are sometimes .

whooahhh... just fantasize while i'm not there.

you're gonna stand there for a long time. ... ;)

oh god.. now i can't concentrate on my editing.<br />
and sadist, the answer will be; maybe or maybe not. lol

yeah right sadist.. i'm gonna need a lot something to do something like that.

hey i am flat chested, the clothes you've seen maybe made it bigger but it is soo not!

Personally, I am much more attracted to women who have small breasts (or even totally flat) then I am to women with large breasts. If I pass by a woman with large breasts I probably wouldn't take a second glance even if she had a pretty face. But if I pass by a woman who is dressed in such a way that it is unmistakable that her breasts are small then even if she is only average looking I'll suffer from whiplash from taking that second look. I'd still be too shy to actually say hello to a complete stranger, but that's a different story for a different day.

@ihateallfourofme<br />
<br />
then you're lucky. you may not notice it now soon you will. having a flat chest and a petite body is remarkable. if i was only a little paler then i'll knock down a vampire look. lol<br />
<br />
just be happy with what you have, you might even become a model.

if only i could be happy with mine :( i am but then im not........doesn't make sense. everyone in my family has HUGE knockers, but i'm left being the most petite one in the family...........wonderful. well.........everyone in my family is very much so overweight.......soooo.........hmmmm i dont know. im confused :(

boobs are fat,and big ones are naturally on fat people.that means when i'm looking,i avoid them.i cannot understand why anyone wants to look like a cow.

that's exactly right! women whom flat chested should not impress men with surgeries or padding and all that. just hoping women should realize this and just be happy with what God had given to them.

If a guy is only after big breasts then you are definitely better off without him.

@jonnyronny<br />
i said some men that i know of,, sorry if i have offended anybody. peace!!<br />
<br />
@polysexminoh<br />
your right, i just hope those other flat chested women can see how great they look.

Women with small or flat chests are also much more developed i their personalities and interests. They don't let their bodies do the "work" and have that as the only thing of "interest" to talk about.<br />
<br />
there are still lots of fun and pleasure with what each woman has, but small and flat chested women are sexy too.

i dont care about how big a woman's chest is. all i care about is if she loves me or not.

none really, exact opposite. men (i encountered) always touch it not just touch it! seems more handy to them. i hate it. and in my story i referred it to a friend of mine who's obsessed to have big a chest.

Just because you have a flat chest doesn't make you a bad lover, so what is the problem?