Forced To Get A High And Tight Flattop

When I was in high school I had long hair which my dad didn't particularly like. We had an argument once about something, then he tore into me about my hair. I said something where I cursed. He got irrate & took me to his barbershop where he had the barber give me a high and tight haircut. I learned never to back talk to him after that.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

My brother and I were punished with haircuts--usually white walls with a side part, sometimes a crew cut or a flat top, but always when our hair was long so we'd have a lot to lose. I knew instinctively to keep it secret when I started hoping for it and liking short haircuts on girls.

Same thing happened to me bud -- but I was sitting in the barber chair with a scorching butt from a paddling that went along with the forced haircut -- and my dad joked with the barber about having to give me a dose of the board.