Getting A Flattop

I always admired guys who wore a short flattop haircut. However, for years I need not have to balls to get a flattop. Several years back, I got up the nerve and told the barber to give me a flattop. Every week I said go shorter. Give me white walls and a landingstrip. I do not know why the heck I waited. Nothing feels better than wearing a short flattop haircut. It is easy to take care of and a great masculine haircut. If you have not tried a flattop, give it a try. It looks and feels great.

Keep it flat brothers,

 Flattop Dave

DaveLeach DaveLeach
51-55, M
10 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Me too! I could tell the exact same story, and I will soon

Looks great with some butch wax!

Amen Dave. A FT is nothing without the landing ***** and whitewalls.

fishpie44, It's been a while since you posted but did you get manage to get a flat top?

I am female and want a flat top. someone PLEASE HELP !!! xxx

That's the great thing, as I sat down in the chair my barber asked me how short I wanted to go, obviously assuming I was having my usual cut (he know's me pretty well-I've been going there since I was little) and I told him I was going for something different and then asked him if he could do a flat top. He got pretty excited at that and told me that during his early years as a barber flat tops were one of the most popular cuts (he's in his late fifties/early sixites) and that he's somewhat of an expert. Apparently he has about 5 dedicated flat top customers who travel quite far distances for their cuts. And I have to say I believe him, he certainly gave me a great cut and he seemed to know a hell of a lot about flat tops.

I got my flat top today! Although I have to admit I chickened out a little once I was in the chair and wasn't so sure about it, so my barber ended up making it a bit more rounded and not too short towards the back so if I really did hate it I could either have it recut or just put some gel in it and restyle it a bit once I was home. That means it's not a 100% genuine flat but it's not far off and I'm extremely pleased with it, especially as it's my first one. And at least now I know I don't hate it. In fact, I'm rather in love with it! Haha

This is the kind flattop I'll be going for:<br />
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They don't seem as popular as the short ones though.

After two years of working up the courage to do it I'm planning on getting my first flat top in a few weeks! I'm doing it now because I'm about to finish college for the year and go on study leave for my exams so if I don't like it I can just a hide away for a while lol. I don't know anyone my age who has one and I've been really nervous about telling my mates but I told one last night, showed him a picture of the kind I want and he was very encouraging. I'm going to go for a much longer flat top though. Might get shorter eventually but I don't like my hair too short.

go ahead and take the plunge, you will be glad you did, and the shorter the better,

Jeez friend, sounds like you are doing a sell job on the new Jimmy. I say, if your features suit it, then go with it. You look great with your new flat top, BTW