Using A Foley Catheter to sleep.

I have been using a foley catheter for pleasure and convenience for over a year now and let me tell you , this has evolved into the best experience ever. Using my foley hooked up to a 1000CC+ bag before I go to sleep has made my life so much more enjoyable. I awake rested and refreshed because I can drink 3-4 glasses of water before bed and not wake up once to pee. The water flushes me during the night and I wake up rested and refreshed because i did not have to interrupt my sleep.
In the past, after getting up to pee it often caused me to stay awake and start thinking and worrying about the next days problems I would have to face.
But, with a foley gently draining my bladder and the leg bag between my legs collecting my cleansing water, this never happens. I awake with a clear mind and a great attitude to take on the day.
I can tell you I am for sure a much more mentally healthy person after getting a full uninterrupted nights sleep. give everyone a good night sleep and the world will be a better place.
Before catheters I was addicted to other things in hopes of making my life a bit more tolerable. I have since then found the basic thing of a good life is drinking plenty of water to cleanse your body and a full night of rest full sleep.
If your always getting up to pee you should try a foley. I leave mine in for as long as 3-4 weeks and sometimes only for a day. Depends on my stress level. If your under high stress, the last thing you want is to wake up at night and start thinking of your problems only because all you had to do was pee.
Inserting a foley is easy and painless as long as you take it slow and use proper lube. I use a 26fr-30fr 30cc inflated to 120cc. Have used 30cc 30fr inflated to 200+cc but find the 26 the best. Over inflation is risky but it feels best to me, Over inflation is at your own risk, I have never had a problem . (see my other posts.) It feels best and lets me sleep with no urges.
You will need to find what works best for you. but after that enjoy a new life of clear mental health.. The key is always keep it clean and drink all you want and more.
Water is life. let it flow without having to get up at night and enjoy a clear mind after a full nights sleep.
After using a foley for a few days, you will not even know it is in and when you remove it you will miss it with in an hour or two... The best thing you will ever experience short of sex...
P.S And speaking of sex, nothing feels better if your a male , the pleasure is 10 times as explosive. Whoa., once you go foley, you'll never go back. The wife loves it too because she says it feels and tastes so much cleaner.
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I have urge incontinence and need to get a foley and cath valve.
I don't have a credit card I do pay cash

I love using a cath as well. Does you wife also wear one?

Yes she does, we both love not having to get up at night. We keep everything really clean and use super ox water to stay that way. no problems for 2+YEARS.