My Catheter Fetish

I'm sitting here eating breakfast with a catheter inserted. Watching my diaper swell without any effort on my part is an unbelievable feeling. All I feel is the trickles of urine coming out as the bulge swells. When it's time to change my diaper, I might indulge in one of my other hobbies, which is taking a #2 inside the diaper as well. The warm feeling it brings is quite comforting and pleasurable.
spankyman77 spankyman77
36-40, T
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I just wish it wasn't so hard to meet people who enjoy catheters. I've never "played" with anyone but would really like to.

Too bad you don't show a location, to attract other cath fans......

Yonkers, close by, lol

Well anyone reading living close by let me know.

Been there, done that, and love it.