My Bizarre Fetish

I'm not sure if this is really bizarre but after reading about other fetish stories that involve men having their wives or girlfriends tickled by another guy I have dying to see someone else suck my wife's toes. She has beautiful feet and perfect toes. There have been close encounters. One time we were in a limo with 2 other couples and one of the other drunk husband's went as so far as to removing her shoe to have a close look at her toes but his wife was not amused. Mean while inside I was like go for it. I was getting hot at the fact of seeing him take her toes into his mouth.

Since then i have been trying to fine the golden opportunity to exploit her scrumptious little piggies. (anyone care for a taste...)

Any advice as to why this could be such a turn on.

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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I totally want to share my wife's feet as well! Would love to see a true foot fetish guy (that was attractive and respectful) suck and tickle my wife's sexy toes and soles! Huge turn on! I would let him do it for hours if he wanted.

I would be so there if you are in the NYC LI area and your wife is into some foot-shoe fun!

I am totally with you!!! Send me an email and we could chat more about this..