I Licked Her Feet While She's Sleeping.

I started massaging her beautiful feet. She fell into sleep. I switch into kneeling position in front of her pair of bare feet up in the air. I tentatively get my face closing to her feet. Her eyes were still closed. I stuck out my tongue to lick the bottom of her feet gingerly. She didn't seem to wake up. I became bolder and circled my tongue around her feet. I could feel blood rush into my penis.

I repositioned myself so my penis can pulsing freely. I licked her feet in honest. My tongue feel every wrinkle of her sole. I sucked her small toe, then moved on to the next till her big toe. I sucked like a good boy sucking a small ****. Meanwhile my own **** was dancing crazy inside my jeans. Looking at her blond hair and beautiful face, I *** hard.
sinsrus sinsrus
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 29, 2011

I would like to read to begining of that story if you care to share. Wife? gf? work friend? often its the build up to these experiences that I find most interresting.