Feet And The Other Men

I never realized how hot is is for other men to check out my wife's feet. We had gone to a club here in Ocala and she was wearing these 4 inch heels. hey were strapy and showed off most of her feet and toes. I noticed these guys because they kept looking at the floor around the pool table. Well naturally I looked cause I didn't want her or myself to step in something. Well I finally realized this one guy was following her around the table, fairly unnoticeable except to someone who may be looking for something like that. I whispered in her ear "I think that guy is checking out your feet." After a small giggle she thought maybe he was gay and checking out her shoes.

Well later that night, he walked by her and accidentally spilled some of his drink on her foot and started to apologize like mad while bending over to wiped them off. That made me certain, he was loving her feet. Well just to egg him on, she lifted her foot up and removed her shoe and placed her bare foot on his leg.

I could tell he was getting kinda excited just by the way he acted. She then commenced to tell him in a joking manner "You just wanted to play with my feet." He quickly stood up and stammered "Well actually, YES." Needless to say she continued toying with him and said that is a waste of perfectly good beer and he should lick it off her. I think the guy thought she was a little weird since I am pretty sure most women don't offer stuff like that up.

Well she wound up putting her foot on his shoulder and he was getting ready to go for it until the bouncer came around. Well not to get in trouble, she asked him if he would like to go outside for a smoke and maybe finish what he started. She wound up sitting on the hood of the car while he sucked on her toes and licked the bottoms of her feet until she was done smoking. Nothing else happened after that and we have never seen him again but that was definitely a hot moment.
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6 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Wish I was that guy.

Definately HOT!!!

I jacked to this story man...seriously hot!

fantastic story! thx so much for sharing!

id be jealous xD

AWESOME Story...!