10 Bare Feet

I never knew i had i foot fetish, well to be honest i hated them but i was in my flat with my flat mate who is gorgeous by the way and she told me the night before that she was going to have 4 friends over so i had to make myself scarce for the night. Anyway the afternoon before her friends were coming over we were just messing around like playing don't panic and we normally place bets on these sorts of games like £10 or something but this time she said that if I won then she would clean the house for 1 week by herself but if she won then I would have to be the serving boy when the girls come over meaning I would have to do whatever they wanted me to do. So anyway I lost the game by about 2 spaces on the board. When the girls came over who are also so hot 3 of which are hotter than my flat mate the other still hot and it started off that i took their coats served food etc etc. Then my flat mate told me to come into the living room and told everyone to take their shoes off. I thought to myself that this is bad I hate feet and she knows it and she is going to make me massage them.

I was close, let me give you some details first, they all slipped off their shoes and their toenails had that white bit on the end and they all started giggling and saying 'look at my feet' ' oh, they are so hot and sore don't you wanna rub them'
My flat mate then announced that I had lost the bet and that is why i was serving them today (I think they knew that already hence the teasing)

It started off light with them all on the sofa and one foot at a time i had to rub them, each foot got 5 minutes of massage and that took almost an hour since there were 10 feet to be done but not once did they do anything else but watch me the whole time, commanding me to go on the heel, rub harder, put our fingers between my toes. Then after they told me to smell every foot and this became a free for all, every girl shoving their feet in my face while i had to breath. My flat mate got annoyed as she say me breath through my mouth so made me lie on my back and she stood on me. She out one foot over my mouth and the other on my chest. Each girl then got a chance to put their foot over my nose so i couldn't breathe I had to breath really hard through my nose to get air meaning i had to smell their feet really hard, the smell was fantastic and i was beginning to enjoy it but it was still humiliating.

I then got told to ***** naked by the hottest girl pants and all. Luckily I have got a nice body (quote from the girls) They all rested their feet on my and it was so warm they began to rub my body and i got an erection. This is where it got violent, they all took it in turns to kick my knob they stood on my and started jumping they bent their toes on me when they were standing which felt nice then they jumped.

They then stopped told me to stay there and if i moved they would beat me. They put on a movie, no idea what some sort of chick flick and i couldn't watch it i had to face them, they were all on the sofa one at a time i had to lick their feet heel to toes, across the toes, inbetween them, sucking them and it tasting.. strange but then my flat mate put hers in my face and they tasted really good i spent ages on her feet and she kept moaning because it felt good. The other girls got annoyed and started slapping me and recorded it, they told me to lick their feet etc.

They then said that they have a recording of me being a little slave boy and that if i don't worship their feet everyday for the next 3 months this will get posted all over facebook , twitter and around the uni. So now Monday I have to worship my flat mates feet, Tuesday the girl who recorded me, Wednesday the hottest girl, Thursday and Friday the other two girls and on Saturday and Sunday I have to do all of them. A foot slave everyday and I never get used to it, I still always enjoy it but am so humiliated at the same time.

So anyway after the 3 months went by it got to Sunday and my flatmate said that "this isn't your last day anymore, we love our feet to be worshiped everyday the feeling of your hands rubbing our sweaty feet after a long workout" ( I should have mentioned they are all fitness instructors who exercise all the time) she goes on to say " You are going to keep doing this all the time whenever we want you to it feel so nice, when you sniff the cold air on my feet feels so good, add that with when you gently stroke them and give them a couple of kisses especially on my cute little toes, no, you will be our foot slave for as long as we say." The hottest girl then says " yeah, we love it when the tongue runs up and down our feet it tickles, then you get all the dirt and sweat from between our toes, you can't leave until we are satisfied"

This was last year and now I still live with my flatmate and do hers when she is asleep at 6 in the morning i have to lick her feet until she wakes up then make her breakfast and lick them while she is eating it, then carry her to the shower and when she is done i carry her to her room and can't let her feet touch the floor. She comes home from work and when i get back i take her shoes off and clean her foot of all the sweat after i have massaged them and smelled them to tell her how nice they smell, given her a few kisses on the toes and told her she is the best flatmate ever. Then on weekends she walks around outdoors barefoot and then comes bake inside so i can clean her feet, i must dedicate 1 hour saturday to massaging her feet and 1 hour of doing what she commands then sunday i am forced to lick her feet from 6-7 while she is in bed, i drink water to keep my mouth wet then lick from 7-8. She showers and we watch t.v while i rub her feet. 12 O'clock i make her lunch and kiss her feet then when she is done i stroke them, then 8pm- 10pm i worship her feet again, im at the end of her bed doing whatever she wants until she falls asleep.

This all happened because of a game of don't panic a bit extreme but it was my flatmate that told me to post this to brag at how lucky she is, the whole time i have been writing this i have had her toes in my mouth.
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Wow. I like it. I envy you.