My Friends Dad Asked Me When I Was Going To Take A Ride With Him..

This just happened about an hour ago. I went to go pick up my friend from basketball practice when I seen one of my other friends father waiting also. We've talked a few times before, so I was like oh why not go and say hey. He was still sitting in his car and I was standing by the window talking with him. He started saying how he shouldn't be married and what not. Telling me I should go to a party and some football games with him and his daughter sometime. I was saying how I get crazy at parties, and he said yea I'd like to see you get wild sometime. We were still by ourselves, as they weren't released from practice yet. Then I started talking about his jeep. He was like yea so where we going? Offroading, mudbogging? When are we going to go? And I said, you and I? He said yea, where are we gonna go? And that's when my friend came out. And that was it. What do you guys think about this?
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Passion is passion. If you have a lust for this man - carpe diem (sieze the day)