Criminal Love

A short story by an anonymous criminal.

This story, my story is about two lovers separated by oceans and the powers that be, one of the two being I, and the other one, a girl which saved my life, both of whom belong to a group which is despised by the governments of all countries, I’m sure in fact, that there are many who would wish to see my people wiped off the very face of the Earth entirely.

It surly is only corrupted souls or a pure evil force which would wish to stand in the way of true love itself, or wish harm on one who has inflicted no harm on anyone else, but such are the ways of the world, ever I dream of a day free from hate, greed, and deception, and a new day beckoning an age of love, plenty, and honesty, but unfortunately my reality has grown dark in days of late.

I met the girl in a time of great grief, I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, but somehow she found me within my very darkest hour, fate I dare utter, just as I was about to tie the noose she found me helpless just as herself in this world full of crazies, together at last as we should be. The very things that had made me feel so alienated but always me now were fine for me to speak of, for she felt the same, and would regularly consult me with her problems. We met online and soon began emailing each other, coincidently we both love writing, the very first time she began to speak of herself I was reduced to tears which were brought on by an overwhelming mixture of happiness and sadness. She is 17 and I 21, but we are both far wiser than the average humans, we share the same loves, and the same hates. Alone we may be vulnerable to weaknesses but together we can be far stronger than I doubt is possible to imagine, I never thought I would find anyone quite so similar we even experienced our awakening at almost exactly the same time, about three years ago! I never believed in soul mates or this fairytale love, but it seems some dreams really do come true in this nightmare we call life.

One slight problem with this love thing is I wasn’t looking for it, I just happened to fall into it, just as they do in the stories. Falling in love is truly a beautiful thing, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, it’s truly amazing, it makes me feel like sitting up and composing poems all night, I just wanna be the best guy I can now for her and me at the same time, I mean really why all the warring and fighting when people could feel love instead.

So what is happening now? Are we chasing dreams together under the stars? No. The truth is that we are continents apart torn between the choice should we stay or should we go? We wanna runaway together and travel across America but I’d only be able to stay for about a couple of months legally unless I got a married or a fulltime career, which are both things which would contradict my beliefs. I won’t miss a great deal except for my dad who I’d probably never see again ‘cept maybe on Skype, but I ain’t got too many stings holding me down here, but it’s gunna be hard cutting the ones which I do have.

My love is forbidden, illegal, as soon as my visa runs out I’ll be on the run, I’ll be a criminal, a fugitive hiding from the law. They will never stop hunting us, it will become extremely hard for us to contact any pre-runaway friends or family, in short an extremely big sacrifice. So do I risk giving up everything, family, home, Ids, and bank accounts or do I give up my one chance at perhaps the most beautiful thing in my life and risk a life of misery. If I don’t try to chase my dreams I’ll surly always live in regret, and end up lonely, bitter and twisted, however if I do try but fail I could be shot dead by the armed forces, or locked away to be made into a b*tch or in the very worst scenario she could be caught helping me, and banged up behind bars, but they’d have to get though me first, they can beat me, rape me, humiliate me, or nail me up like Christ, but they will never touch my love, no matter what the forces of evil do they cannot break my heart, as only she has that power, as my heart is hers, and hers only for the taking, my love will go on come what may, and I would rather suffer a painful death than let them bastards lay one of their dirty fingers on her!

The thing that worries me most is that my current life will be completely over, obliterated, a new name and a new start, for a new life. Even though my life isn’t too good at the moment I still resent having to throw in the towel completely, I guess it’ll be like dieing to be reborn in a way, but even if all I dream will come true does come true will there come a day when I regret losing my old life, will I look back to find only fading memories? Will I ever again see my dad? Or will forgetting my roots completely make me a happier person? Whatever happens, I shall just hope that a day will dawn when all of humanity can love freely whoever they choose to, and go wherever as they please, no borders, no segregation, just plain freedom and fairness for all.

Thank you for reading my melancholy story, I hope you liked it. If you can relate to my story, want to ask questions or have some advice for me please to not hesitate to contact me.
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1 Response Dec 25, 2012

This is such a sad story, my heart goes out to you. Plus it brings up a lot of questions. If you met on line, have you ever met in reality? Also couldn't you just visit her on a visa and then when it runs out come back home and wait a while until you can get another visa? Then at least you would have some idea if the leap into the unknown would be worth it? Can she visit your country?