My Romeo

We actually just had a conversation about this, him and I; Him as Romeo, me as Juliet. We were unsure of how our terrible roles in life came about, all we knew was that we wouldn't let his parents or my family stop us from dating [again]. His parents think I'm gonna get pregnant, little do they know I took a vow for no sex until marriage. My family finds him so innocent that they think i will break his heart. little does anyone know, besides Romeo and myself, that our love cannot be stopped. We'll find a way to be togather; no matter what anybody says. Did I mention that even our friends won't let us?? Well his friends don't care, but all of mine hate him.. Ugh. Please offer support or advice in a comment?



MySecretLife1 MySecretLife1
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

In the end those family and friends will either accept it for what it is (love) or continue to try to control your decisions. It's up to you to keep that foot down and pursue what you feel is right.

I say, you do what you got to do. Don't let others ruin it all. Believe in yourself, believe in him and most of all believe in your love.