Love Her Like My Own

We have been together for six yrs now. I never thought I could love someone elses child that much, but  I do! Its not always easy children never are! But when I see her smiling, laughing and happy it makes it all worth while especially when I get a hug and she says I Love You Mummy.

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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so happy for you..... It brings back good memories.

Although I haven't a foster child, but loving someone's else children too, it's really a beautiful thing specially I got a hug and a kiss each day from the students I teach.
More surprisingly, I still get a young adult standing in front of me last yr, saying, "Thank you, teacher. You shaped my life!!!" Gave me a huge hug all the way from Russia, an engineer now whom I thought in Yr1-3.
It's rewarding!!!

I love hearing happy fostering stories. <br />
It's nice to hear that someone is actually taking it seriously and not just in it for the money and status. <br />
Your daughter is very lucky to have you :-)

God bless you both with happiness your whole life through..

A child is a gift from God...your story is inspiring

you are very lucky to give your unconditional love. i was not that fortunate. being childless is hard on a couple but more so on the woman. i am mani, divorced from my kalyani over this issue. now she is bringing up her sister's son from the age of one. he knows the true happenings and has taken kalyani for his mother. when we were together this idea never occured to us. in the final analysis i am the loser unable to forget my k. well, that is life

I know the feeling. I never thought I could love someone else's child. I was surprised when it happened to me. I know the moment I fell in love with my friend's daughter. At that moment I could feel her pain as if it were my own. I loved her as if she were my child. It's so hard to describe and to understand unless you've experienced it your self. I wrote a story about it for the writing class I was taking and am glad I was able to capture the feelings in words.

I actually want to adopt a girl having two boys but in India it is quite difficult , so only i took the theme adoption for my script . As such i have do read alot on adoption . when I read such posts it really moves me.<br />

Why is it difficult in India to adopt girls?

i was adopetd and my Mom looooved me unconditionally. i never felt like i was not her real daughter. <br />
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i'm happy for you. it's doesn't really matter if you gave birth to that child or not, it's about the LOVE and CARE that you give her.<br />
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I have so much respect for you well done your wonderful

What a swell story! I hope there is a special place in heaven for adoptive parents. It boggles my mind, that in the USA, there are fifty (50) couples for every healthy, white child under 1 year old. This is why so many Americans go to foreign countries to adopt. A friend of mine get her daughter in Siberia!<br />
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I heard an interesting story on radio. In China, people are permitted only one child. Girls are aborted, and killed. This one man worked in the city dump, and he had adopted five (5) girls, that he found alive in the garbage. What a man.

How sad is that! And I am glad this man was willing to adopt!

I agree having a child is a wonderful gift and I cherish it!!!!

Mummy is best thing that i've ever become... it's like having the world, having a child is a gift when you least expect it...

My husband and I have been considering adoption for a few years now. His parents were foster parents, and we recognize that there are so many wonderful kids out there who's world would change if someone would just stop and care for them. We are considering doing this through the foster system since adoption is so expensive. They swear you can't buy a baby, but the way it works now only the rich can adopt a baby. We are able to conceive naturally - we have one fantastic middle schooler already - but we would feel morally irresponsible procreating when there are lonely unwanted hurting kids that would benefit from a loving home. If only more people would take on an abandoned child. Maybe we would not have to invest so much in prisons and therapy!!! I applaud your ability to love this girl without restraint. You are a wonderful mother to her - who gave birth is irrellevant. You give her life every day!

I honestly never liked the idea that we have to pay to adopt a kid. That is bull, first u cant put a price on a kid, second, a lot of people are not able to afford it and they wld make great parents and it is already exppensive to take care of your own. I think more people would adopt even though they had their own kids or r able to concieve if it did not cost so much. And u r right about prison and therapy lol.

That's why one day I'd love to adopt a kid, my parents say that it's not worth it but I think it doesn't matter if it's worth it for me, it would be for the kid(s). I wish more people would adopt, it'd make this world much better, plus the worlds already at its maximum of people capacity.

Awesome! ...I admire your loving nature and spirit...your daughter is totally blessed as well as you.<br />
<br />
Kudos to you!

I've been a foster parent twice, at different times. Once to a three-day-old boy and once to a 17-year-old girl (we were 30--yikes!). We ended up adopting the boy after eighteen months of emotional drainage.<br />
<br />
There was a point about six months in where we knew we wanted to adopt him should the opportunity present itself, but it was looking like that wouldn't happen. Still, we decided to love him completely despite the risks and have never regretted that. Now he is four and I only remember he's not my biological son when someone brings up the topic elsewhere or when I try to remember his birthing story along with that of our other biological children.<br />
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Love is definitely, absolutely thicker than blood.

Why do women have such a hard time genuinely loving a child because they didn't give birth to them. I heard my sister-in-law said it's different when you have your own. What do I know I didn't have my own but I do have an adopted son. He is now 18 and we get along like fire and water but it has nothing to do with the adoption its just that he's a hard kid and I take mothering seriously. He likes to think if he were mine I'd be different. I'd take anyones kid to have one and love them. Sometimes we have our own and think they should belong to someone else. <br />
If you cannot love them as your own, do that child a favour and keep them away from you. They already have enough trauma being neglected by their own birth parents. They do not deserve to have someone else do it to them too. Treat that child the way you would have someone treat your bundfle of joy should you not be able to do the job for some reason. Good for you that you can treat her like your own. I only wish we had a few more like you.

I don't think there will ever be enough foster parents, those that are make an incredible difference to the young ones.

It takes one hell of a person to raise someone else's child. I wish you the best of luck and your little girl.

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for you for the difference you are making in a child's life.

Awww sweet rewarding.

Thats a great story .. and nice to imagine a smiling, laughing, very happy little girl.