This Guy Is Nuts

Ok so about a year ago I was in the game room shooting pool with a friend of mine at school.  In walks this guy from my art history class and he was by himself.  Every time I had ever seen him on campus he was by himself so I decided to say hi and introduce myself. 


Ever since, this guy pops up in the most random places and follows me.  Sometimes he'll come up and say hi, but other times when he doesn't know I know he's there (maybe he does know?) he's just watching me and it's really weird.  Lately he keeps asking me out and I keep telling him no and that I'm not interested and I don't want a boyfriend.  I don't want to be mean and tell him that he freaks me out, but he does.  I think I may just have to tell him.  But I've seen those Lifetime movies. The girl goes through hell after she sets him off.  I hope he's just creepy and not obsessive... that would be really scary. 

justagirl21 justagirl21
22-25, F
Nov 10, 2006