My Cousin Has An Ex Boyfriend Who She Thinks Is Stalking Her

My cousin has an ex boyfriend who she thinks is stalking her now. She broke off the relationship almost a year ago and tried to remain friends with him at first. She is very forgiving since he gave her a STD. He drives by her house and still calls her. She told him she is seeing someone else to get rid of him but he still calls, emails her and drives by her house. I have told her she needs to document these occurences in case she has to take legal action.


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1 Response Feb 21, 2007

Absolutely great advise! Document EVERYTHING!! Time,place, detailed experience, and witnesses. She needs to surround herself with people that can be witnesses too! Be alone as little as possible. I realize this can be hard in your own home, but in public have people around. She prob. needs to get an Exparte or whatever it's called, to keep this rascal physically from being able to be arround her. But if she gets one, she needs to be careful and not break the agreement in any way! Don't let the guy 'talk her into meeting him at any time'. I don't know how the laws are where she's at, but if the one that gets the restraining order done, breaks it and goes around the other person, THAT PERSON THAT FILED GOES TO JAIL. Anyways, that's how it is here. Good luck to your cousin! I admire your support of her.