Thanksgiving And Celebration

One of my friends lost her mother last week and her funeral was held to day.
it was more of a celebration really, as this beautiful Lady was 95 years young,
and up until 6 weeks ago, she lived by herself. She had a very full life and was farewelled
by over 250 mourners. May this Dear Soul Rest In Peace.

M is for the Moments we've shared together
and the millions of times you cared.

O is for the only One who stood by me
when others would not have dared.

T is for the Things you went without
and the tears you cried when no-one was about.

H is for the Home you filled with love
and the hours spent planning for me.

E is for Everyday you worked so endlessly
and the encouragement you have given me.

R is for the Remainder of my life
I will go on loving you.
sharossody sharossody
70+, F
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Thank you Sooz, my friend is the youngest of 5, and with all the grand children, [38], and great grandchildren, they did her proud. She and her sister looked after L. for the five weeks before she went to hospital, a week before her death from a stroke. But up until that 6 week period, she was an active member for the RSL and Legacy Ladies, among others.

It is good to hear of such a wonderful life. She must have been a very special lady. I hope your friend is okay, she is lucky she has you.