Big Smokey Says 'never Give Up Your Dreams'

Want to be a penpal?  Hello!  Is there anybody out there?

Big Smokey is my friend.  He's now in rehab.  He has a big heart and a spirit that won't quit.  His favorite words are:  Never Give Up Your Dreams!  He has diabetes and is legally blind and he lost his left leg.  Seven months being an amputee in rehab is dragging out.  Progress is slow.  If you can relate or know someone who can, let's give Big Smokey a boost!  A few words of encouragement go a long way when it feels like you're alone.  Rehab says he needs to strengthen his right leg so he can wear a prosthesis and go home.  His Birthday is next Thursday.  Write here and I'll relay to Big Smokey over the phone or ask me how to reach him direct.  We all need a little love from our friends.  TLC, Smokey's friend, Mary Sunshine reaching out. 10-4 Over.

MarySunshine MarySunshine
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1 Response Nov 29, 2006

Hello, Big smokey. im not sure if that is your real name because i will like to address you by your real name.I am touch by your amazing spirit and strenght, with all the obstacles in the world, you made me smile by your quote "never give up your dreams". I will love to be your penpal, if you still need one. My name is minnie, and if you already have a penpal, i wish you all the best in life and i know you will do great. you have a great heart and an amazing spirit. <br />
<br />
God bless