My uncles still there. We got news today that his level of functioning is that of a comatose patient. They now also discovered that the reason his right side isn't functioning and has no feeling is because of brain damage. They range the damage from mild to severe and he has moderate brain damage. They have no clue how much he will remember if he wakes up and what his memory and brain function will be like. He also has contracted an infection. They also believe that his pain medications are giving him bad side effects and are switching them. He's been on a ventilator for a week now and they've tried to lessen the use of it but he can't handle it without the ventilator on as high as possible. They report his condition as very critical but stable which means that half the time his vitals are normal and half the time they aren't. They pretty much say to take it day by day because everything could change from semi stable to dying.
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I'm Brian! I was in a coma for 5 weeks and suffered a stroke when I was 18 years old!! I've made a miraculous recovery with lots of intense therapies and amazing family that never gave up on me! I was brain dead!! I lost half of my vision and was parilized on my entire right side but I walk with a limp now!!