Bre.... A Close Friend

Sucks, I just found out today a friend, whom's actually very close friend of our son and family just sent message he was fragged by an Iraq IED while doing a sweep of homes in Irag..


MFers.. I hate War and conflicts and excuse me .

Brendon has always been a fixture in my home in Pittsburgh, from the time he was in daycare, till I hugged him farwell and prayed for his safety, as he left for Iraq.

He is my son best friend, and pretty muched lived in my house, ever since his parents were seperated in preschool.

He still is always welcome to whatever I have , one of the nicest  young men I know.

He in sense replaced my third son Arron whom past at birth, and was a welcome soul to help me heal.

Thanks be to god that his flak jacket caught the brunt of the shrapnel, he sustain a head wound, I just found out so I'm not sure how bad, but he's still alive...

I ask if you might press some good feelings and prayers to his bedside. His name is Brendon.. thanks.


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3 Responses Oct 25, 2009

My heart goes out to you SaLtINe....and I will keep Brendon, his family and you in my prayers. Please keep us posted....war sucks.

I appericate your comment, I understand it and may agree, but there are those whom decide their directions and we shadow them for saftey, sometimes that just isn't enough...

Tell him to come home and choose life and happiness not fight a pointless war.