More Than One Actually...

Many of my EP friends make me smile...yeah...just being EP friend and listening and replying something positive makes me feel better...thats why I admire my friends...they make me smile and they just accept me for being me..

One of my EP friend re-defined my name itself...he is sweet friend..Here is his definition of my name PAPRI..makes me smile...well I had no idea someone could define my name so beautifully....thats my beautiful friend Positivebeing did...thank you...sounds cute than I am

P : Poetic
A : Artistic
P : Pure
R : Reasonable
I :  Imaginative

Thanks for reading my story !

papri papri
31-35, F
3 Responses Apr 27, 2012

likewise papri, likewise! :-)

Miss Papri... so poetic, Thanks to be with us. You're like a sun who make us feel better everyday. :D

thank you :)

I agree with the definition :)

aww thanks surreal :)