R.i.p Kinz

my Best friend died when i was 14. his name was Matthew. i called him Matty-Kinz. i love him still even though he's gone, i'll never forget him, Best friends Forever , even after death. that was a pact we made, how i dread the day i lost him, i couldnt even get to say goodbye. its heart wrecking looking back, i know he's at peace now, i occasionally dream what it would be like if he didnt die. thats just selfish of me, it hurts like a  ***** every time his birthday comes and i cant say Happy Birthday, or a day when i really need a friend and he's not there. Emotions suck. I have a ring that he gave me on my 13th birthday aking me to marry him , even though we were just kids and the thought right now to you may sound silly.. or crazy. i've never taken that ring off, it was too big to fit my fingers, so i kept it in a chain around my neck, now my fingers have finally grown into them at age 21. hopeful wishing, that he was still alive some where searching for me too... that would be too good to be true. where ever he is, i pray that he's happy.  RIP Kinz.....
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so sorry