I Lost So Many..

Friends..Real ones are with you till the end.. Sadly some of my best friends end came to soon. My first friend who died was Liz.. She was a quiet sweet girl.. One day she didn't come to school for over 2 months.. Than we got the news she had leukemia. It was about 3 months after than when she passed away..The second one was Emily. She was my neighbor and one of my best friends at the time. One Sunday before i went to church my uncle came to the house and said you know the girls across the street? I said yea? He said she died in a car crash last night.. At the time two of my friends Katie and Emily(sisters) lived there. So i wondered which one. He didn't know so i asked my grandmother if i could stop by there house to ya know, pay my respects. So i stopped by and saw that Katie was there and gave her a big hug. Her mom saw i was there and kissed my cheek. Everyone around me was crying. I realized that my best friend was gone. Emily..was gone Forever. I cried with Emily's family for over an hour.. I still never get over that horrible Sunday. The third friend i lost was cameron.. He also died of cancer. He was in the hospital for over a period of 4 months. He was trying to make the best of what he had left. I still have a picture of him smiling with a teddy bear i gave him. Attached to all those needles and cords.. But they are all in a better place now. R.I.P Cameron, Emily, and Liz.
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sad story, nice avatar

your a ****! why would you laugh!!

lol i'm sorry for the sad news!!!