The New Kid

He was a smart and business savvy young broker named jake. When i saw him i knew this kid from maspeth queens had potential. He was able to pitch better than most senior brokers i know. I taught him well. And i was proud of him

In the business, there are certainties: pills, cocaine, alcohol an livin the high life. Money to spend on whatever you wanted. Today i got the call. The life that i had turned him on to was his demise. My buddy jake overdosed and was found dead in his loft. He was 22. I blame myself because i didnt stop him, i added the fuel to his explosion. I introduced him to the life of A wall street broker tycoon. So now grieving his loss and facing finra investigation, we are all at a loss. Jake my boy, you will be missed and i love ya kid. You made m proud as my jr broker. Couldnt have asked for any better to work under me. Venti crmel macciatos will never be the same. White lights dude!!! RIP Jake V. 5/30/2012. Oohh babay babay. Buh babay babay!! Muahz xoxoxoxo alwayz
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"As flies wanton boys are we to the gods,<br />
They kill us for their sports..........."<br />
~ Shakespeare in King Lear<br />
<br />
Whatever happened has happened....<br />
Look out for what is yet to happen.... over !<br />
<br />
Best wishes, hugs and Spirits ♥

Update: i was just told jake's mom was found with her wrists slit. She missed him and couldnt take it. Rip Momma Duke! 06/05/2012<br />
This is unfuxking real

that's SAD to learn :((

if you want to be a teacher sure that u dont teach anything wrong....and yes drugs are always bad....never bring aneyone towards them...btw i understand ur greivance ...but dont ever repeat it.....and yes cheer up a live has been wasted ...dont waist urs it will only increase the count

Thank you for yor comment. I cant say i forced him to so anything. It all comes with what out business is about, you either sink or swim and he got in over his head. Since his passing, i havent touched the drugs at all. Im doin my best

did you tell him about the bads of the business before bringing him to the line?

I did my best for him and now i updated this post. His mom killed herself today.