She Was Only 17.

My friend died suddenly at 17.
I didn't find out until later that night when I logged into facebook and saw the statuses people had posted in her memory. Obviously I didn't believe it, I couldn't. I had only spoken to her the day before, she was excited about going to a party.
Then her mum sister posted a message thanking everybody for there support, I broke down. I cried until I fell to sleep. The next morning I found out that she had been taken home from the party poorly and when she woke up the next morning she was rushed into hospital.
She had a blood clot that had gone unnoticed.
I still couldn't believe she was dead, sometimes I still can't, I miss her so much!
Old teachers, old school friends her college teachers all attended the funeral. People I hadn't spoken to in over a year came up to me and apologized for all the arguments that had went on between us, saying how her death had made them realize how stupid it was to fall out when we don't know what is around the corner.
The people who had bullied her all came to show respect, I even heard a few of them mumble how sorry they were for everything they had done to her under there breath.
Her death made a lot of foolish teenagers realize some important things, but it shouldn't have taken her death to do that. Someone shouldn't have to die to make you realize these things.
FallingStars123 FallingStars123
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2012