R.I.P. Steph (best Friend's Forever)

1999 The Year we Meet I was 4 She was 5......She was The Quiet One(So was I) Always On her own....One day i went over to her and we became Best Friends very quickly. Over the next 10 years we grew closer...Like Sisters (Even Though Have Already Have 2). My Mom Never Really Got to know her.....when we were together ewe never stayed in one place 4 long.....ve used to make up these "Adventures" And spend all day walking and messing around.

Then In 2007 when she was 13 And I was 12. She came round early as we planned and we spent the day together....it came close to her having to Go Home And we went to the park around the closer from her house and she told me she was moving....i asked her where to and that's when she said "me and my mom are moving to Spain". You Know that feeling "your heart drops into your stomach".....That's what i got. I was Gutted But there was nothing i could do they had already got a house and she was enrolled into a school And within 3 weeks she had gone.

we kept in touch through email and letters. she loved it out here she meet a boy called Darren And got pregnant.....at her 5 month scan they found out it was twins a Boy And A Girl. she asked me to be godparent obviously Said yes.

On the 13th November 2009 I get a message on my "bebo" account it was Darren.....on Steph's account he told me they were involved in a car crash on the Sunday Before(8th November 2009) And Steph was critical....At The End O The Message it said she had died the next day (9th November 2009) So Did the Babies......

On November 9th 2009 I Lost My Best Friend.....After that everything went down hill for me. i didn't trust anyone....i held everything in and it stayed that way. Till This Day I'm not sure If i'll ever trust anyone as much i a trusted her......i never got to go to her funeral as it was in Spain and that Hurt BAD......i will never replace her with anyone EVER.

It's Been 3 Years And I Hasn't Got easier...i don't think it ever will But I Know where ever she is...She'll be causing trouble And She watching me...Maybe with My Nan And Gran-dad.

My Heart Is never going to heal....Its Been broken for 3 years and it will be until we are reunited Later In Life.

R.I.P. Stephanie Kellie
12/02/1994 - 09/11/09
Best Friend's Forever
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Dec 16, 2012