He was the most awesome guy ever! He could've been my dad, age wise I mean. He was just the the best! I met him long ago when I was new to this city. He took me under his wing. As I got a little older and my every other thought wasn't about guys or hot clothes, we began to really talk, and I found out how smart he really was! He was so smart. I miss him so much! It's been close to a year now. Even though he wasn't blood, he was truely like a parent to me. He acted as parent should with their daughter. (Larry didn't have any kids of his own) My biological parents are still alive but are divorced and remarried so you can imagine where that leaves me. I'm an orphan now. I'm grown...etc etc...but still...

Rest in Peace Lar! I Love You!
orchid00 orchid00
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013