Ben was part of our gang of four as were grew up, since childhood we were close. If one involved in some situation where complaints were made, the chances were that we four were part of the complaint too.

We hung around each other. Playing football together along with the rest of the boys in the area. Our mothers were close friends too and they understood each other and us too. All covered up for us and did defend us too. Neighbourhood watch? We we were the watchmen.

Eventually employment, girlfriends, marriage etc..and we went our separate ways. But, kept in touch.

Sadly over a year ago, Ben died whilst on his holidays. He was only 37 and his wife had been with him at the time of the accident. It was tragic. To see the family, go with Ben on holiday and bring him in a coffin....

Ben, you were a good friend and we had our happy times, we enjoyed each others company. You bring a smile to my face as I recall the mischief that we used to get in to..
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Loosing someone close to us is always hard to deal with. Sorry for your loss, Phil. These wonderful people who we have lost, may have passed away, but they will stay alive in our hearts forever!

Memories live forever. The do not leave us neither live like people do.