It Really Amazes Me...

I have a friend Wayne that does not see any wrong in what they do.  I have always been a person who believes that everyone needs to be heard out when they make a mistake, but now I can honestly say they are taking advantage of our friendship.  There has been about 3 occasions in the past where this guy has put me in the middle of his chaos and crap. 

The first time I was a teenager when it happened...I do not and have never been caught up in he said, she saids...I can't stand it when someone puts me in the middle of their crap like I don't have enough to deal with myself.  He decided he wanted to date one of my good friend Lou's  friend Kea...OK but the problem was he was still going with his girlfriend.  Of course you know that the script got flipped because I was his friend at the time and he always used to come up my house.  Now the illusion was created that he was going with was not until my friend Lou (my child's god ma) laid it bare because he was trying to blame her for everything.  I guess Lou was not supposed to tell Kea that Wayne had a girlfriend. 

This guy has a girlfriend and has had on for the past 20 years the same amazes me that she stays through all his cheating.  Wayne has lied and told his girlfriend he is talking or coming over my house only to cheat with other women.  I am not trying to be judge mental we all have our faults but I do not bring others into my problems.  When we met he was trying to come on to me, but I do not do men with girlfriends or a wife so I told him we could be friends.  Oh I did not know the 18 year ride I was in for.  My friend changed dramatically before my eyes in the past 6 years. 

I really thought after the first blow that he was sorry so I never mentioned it again and moved on still being his friend.  About 3 years ago the same thing happened only this time it was different females involved.  There have been so many I have lost count.  Wayne ended up sleeping with my other friends girlfriend.  It was the worst because of the grilling the other guy was giving me...he knew but did not know for sure...he even asked him.  I guess that is what happens when one is close with both parties involved.  Wayne lied so much that he had both women in his life questioning me of his motives and what the situation with me was.  It just so happens and it is not Wayne's fault that the other girlfriend got my number out my phone and started calling me.  She even went so far as to tell my older nephew about me going out with both her man and Wayne.  I was shocked when she did that only because the dumb broad never had my man...she told my nephew.  This situation with this woman went on for months...I was in the middle, his girlfriend of 20 years and one of his cousins he lied on.  

After that happened I kinda lost trust for him...he never said he was sorry for putting me in the middle.  In actual fact he started an argument with me over the situation like it was my fault that he had to tell his girlfriend he cheated and had me and his cousin involved.  (the other woman thought his cousin was going with him too.)  I even forgave him after that...for him to still mess around with the woman and have every one caught in the middle again.  At that point I left him alone for awhile.  Wayne kept calling me leaving texts and messages saying he was a friend to me, he has always been there for me and my children...isn't't that reaping?  Hadn't't I been there for him...when he called, when he wanted to get out the house come over and talk, wasn't't I there when he needed a place to stay because his girlfriend kicked him out and now I'm the one he is trying to make feel guilty over some crap he started.  I stopped all forms of contact with him.  Life was good.  I did not have to hear she gets on my nerves that's why I cheat, I don't want to get married.  I was stress free.  Not only had I stopped talking to him so did his cousin and one of his friends he worked with.

I got the ...after a year and a half of not talking I start talking to him again ending of last year.   I thought I could keep him and his ignorance at bay, but you guessed it...he has screwed me over again.  I have a plumbing problem...its my kitchen drain it needed to be fixed (still does), he said he will help out and did not have a clue of what he is doing.  I explained that business is business and friendship is friendship.  Little did he know I meant that.  I really feel like breaking his neck because he lied once again.  I know he needed a snake to do the job I asked him over and over did he want me to get him on...of course the answer was NO...he will get it.  The fool poured 5 bottles of acid down my drain...of course the acid and moving it don't have a hole to go through.    He charged me $200.00...I think he is a scam artist.  I called around and found out that the acid he used costs $24.99 so I decided that O would give him $125.  Do you know he came around my house screaming and yelling he wants his money...I got tired of hearing him reap and acting like I ain't been there for him.  I ended up paying him $150 and sent him on his way.  I figure, He is out my hair.  My lesson has been learned...I had no problem paying him, but all he did was pour acid...I should only pay for his materials...that's all he used.  He never snaked and he did was pour.  There was no real labor involved.  I guess I'm  learned that no matter what is always going to be about him and I should had done what ex mutual friends, my boyfriend and my close friend and not been his friend any more.  Well, I'm finally done...I have a plumber coming Saturday to fix my I am not worrying...I'm moving on.

Sperious Sperious
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2010