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I have a friend that was sweet and kind.  He was slow to anger and full of joy and love.  He was a groomsman in my wedding.  In February, I saw a story on the news about a triple homicide in an area near where I live and when they showed the house I instantly recognized it.  It was the house that sold to my friend when I was in real estate.  Apparently he snapped and killed his wife and two step-kids.  It is 2 months later and I still have a hard time believing it's true.  I never so much as heard this man curse or raise his voice.  There was no history of domestic violence.  I can't comprehend how this wonderful, teddy bear of a man could do such a horrific thing.  It makes me sad.

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I was able to go to my dear friend's sentencing hearing. I sat with his sister and was able to give support to her and their mother. It's been 3 1/2 years but I still think of my friend often. I miss him terribly. I will never condone what he did, but I really miss meeting up with him on Saturdays to get pho, or just his kind eyes and smile. Even after all this time it doesn't seem real. My heart aches for him.

His sentencing trial is April 1st. He's made a plea agreement. He'll be getting life without parole.

Slow to anger can also mean great anger when aroused. Sad!

It's always the perfect ones....it's like they learned to bottle their anger and finally it just exploded.<br />
I'm sorry.<br />
There's really nothing else I can say.