Many... Or Used To...

I used to have many friends with depression, some who were attempting suicide. I helped them get through things, and taught them that life is something to cherish. I still have a few friends with depression, and I battle it myself, but we're getting through it together...
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1 Response Jul 11, 2007

YAY!! You guys might try Loving yourselves from the inside out. Try looking at all the things that depress you one by one and get rid of those things that have to with opinions and tradtitions of others. Go more by your standards and the Creators.<br />
This helped me immensely...use what you can. You are more precious than gold, diamonds, or the largest stack of money you could ever find. Remember, you are the greatest part of no let societys' rules mess up tour head. Those rules change about every 5 years. Hugs, LW