I Have This Friend...

ok so.. i have this friend who is well a bit overweight and she likes to starve herself to try and lose weight.. but she has tried this many times and if she eats she likes to punish herself by cutting her wrists ive told her to stop doing this but she never listens she thinks the nobody cares about her and the world
is like against her in someway.. i dont know what to do ive tried nearly everything.. ive tried talking to her and talking her out of it saying shes gorgeous and not fat cause well she is thats why i care about her so much..
ive even told her if i cut myself would she care and she even said that she doesnt want me doing that and she does care heaps.. but ive course i wouldnt do such a thing as cutting myself i dont know.. but i told her if she cuts herself then i will as well so i dont know what i should do or say to stop this..
i need some help on how to help her and solve this if anyone has any suggestions or comments on how i can help her in anyway even if its stupid i dont care it just might help.. please share it by leaving me a comment or even dropping by on my profile and reading my stories you will see how my life is
miserable and sad i wish my life wasnt so complicated..

Confused - Alyx xoxo

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dont ever say threaten to cut yourslef, cause if you do, or take it too far your friend will think its her fault. tell someone!

This sounds just like my life too, and the best thing that you could do in my opinion is to tell somebody. I suffered through a friend and situation like that for around 4 years, and it was 4 years too long. So I say tell sombody, and adult, a counselor, she might be mad at you, but she'll thank you later, trust me.<br />
-Izzy ^-^<br />
p.s. hope i helped a bit