Everyday my friend is on my mind. I worry about how she is coping and how I can help her. We live so far apart and it makes it hard for me to see her. Lately I have been out of touch with her some and I just found out she's gone through a rough time. I pray for her daily, wherever I am and whatever I am doing. She is my best friend and I love her and miss her.
theredlady theredlady
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I know that one! Gotta love Willy!....*dances with Puss*

I miss you too. We are so close yet so far. *hugs* I wish my phone would work!! You are always on my mind. *sings old country hit*

Ah yes Cabby I know she knows.... I am sorry that you are missing your friend. I hope she returns soon

ah I'm feeling much the same about a friend here on EP. She's just vanished, and I feel sad. <br />
I hope she really knows how much you care, and that the feeling is mutual X@

I'm Excellent! Things are going great. I can be stay at home mom for awhile and getting back in touch with my kids, who are also getting along so well here and my family has grown without much difficulty. Things still going okay for you?

Ersatz!!! Hey how are you!?

She already knows... thank you =)

that's so very sweet that I hope you let her know.