And His Name Is Sam

And he grunts these horrible, disgusting things at me. They seem really perverted, maybe even a little malicious.

I'm scared for my life.

Melody08 Melody08
18-21, F
6 Responses Feb 11, 2009

that guy sounds freaky-someone who makes sounds like that has to be off his rocker-he must know he is doing it-and if he doesn't he is even weirder-i would dump him-being scared is no fun.

oh lord! i want a friend like that! i love perverted and malicious things, esp. when they're grunted.

Stop gunting at meeeeeeeeeeee!

OMG ****<br />
YOU<br />
****<br />
YOU<br />
I NEVCER<br />
not ever ever, i never did these things. its ok che, to be jealous of me, and my foresight in creating this group, i didnt even name you, but oh well, i guess you wanted to name yourself. well che! humph<br />

LIAR! You're always grunting at me! I was just thinking of creating this group earlier.<br />
But yeah, you grunt horrible things at me! You SCARE MEEEEEEE!

**** OFF! you so arent talking about me! i never grunt, omg. its like, holy spizzle!<br />
its you that grunts, i do not. its nothing to do with me. *******