I Have A Friend With Down Syndrome.

I have a kid friend with Down syndrome. He is a great friend to have and I always wish the best for him. He is smart and cute. He hate getting his hair and nails cut. His not so smart parents always get him a zero cut, though he would have looked great if he got a cool haircut.

I don’t live there anymore and I always miss him so much.
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My best buddy at school is a little girl with Down syndrome named Bethany. Best buddies is a club that pairs older kids with mentally disabled kids but Bethie is anything but. She always comes over to our house and is now a big part of our family, like a little sister.

Thanks for the read and that was sweet, good luck lil sister and your lil friend. :) have a great 2013,

You too! ((Hugs!)) :)

Man you have a great attitude, Wish you the very best in life. May god guide you in whatever you do. Wishes

Thanks and same to you too. :)

oI used to work with down syndrome patients

That is glad to know.. :)

ooohhh what a great story so sweet

He was sweeter, :)