Questions About Mpd/did And Tips That Can Help.

Hi I'm mpde and have a friend with DID, we have been best friends now for the passed 14 years. I have met all her other personalities and sat in therapy sessions with her. Spent many a night with her in her battles and although I don't know everything there is to know I have learn't alot on this journey I count it a privilledge to be allowed to walk with her on.

I would like this to be a place where we can ask questions and get the answers that would shed some light on what people with this condition are going through. Support and compassion.

If there are any negative and comments of condemnation they will be deleted.

If you have DID and found that something really worked for you I would urge you the share it as it may also work for others in the same situation.

For example:

One of my friends little personalities takes all the physical pain and I put the sausage dog in the bed and he went straight to the little childs face and smelt her breath I explained he is understanding you are in pain. The dog then curled up against her tummy and the child was taken aback and asked "how does he know my tummy hurts" I explained he senses it and wants to be here for you. Then the little girl said "I feel better and the pain has gone! I think the dog took all my pain in. Because she is able to obsorb all the pain in the body she also believed the puppy could obsorb her pain. The next time she came out and had pain she asked me where the miricle puppy was and I fetched him for her. It's worth a try.
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You my friend are an amazing lady,Your heart is so big.As I've said before I have been diagnosed with did .When I hear of other people with this,they seem to change totally into different identities.As your friend does,mine seem to change how I interact with people.But they mainly talk to me in my head,it's like having a conversation with yourself,or someone else.This is why I can't handle to much human stimulation,face -face,it drives me nuts.It's to much for my mind.(brain)Ep is great,I can turn it on,turn it off and no one really has their feelings hurt and I don't have to emplane anything if I don't want to.

Hi Sweet friend,
I am a great believer in doing what works.
For instance I can't take anything natural for any ailment as it affects me badly so I go to the Dr and get prescription meds when needed. When we can listen to our body and do what works, we are in a good place.


Here are 2 tips that I have been given from people with DID.

One is try to stand with something firm behind you for example a wall.
Two is ask the person who is going to take the picture to count to 3 and on the count of 3 you open your eyes. My friend with DID has actually tried the counting to 3 and found it worked for her.
Hope this works for those of you who struggle too.

Hello please respond if you're still on here. Why did you mention this? Why would it trigger to have a photo taken? I think I just got an idea as to why while I typed the question but I would really like to know your take. Thanks.

The flash of the camera can be triggering for some, not all people who are DID/MPD. They always close their eyes when the flash goes off and are often afraid. So having something like a wall makes them feel safer as nobody can come up behind them. Counting to 3 prepares them for knowing exactly when the flash will go off. :)

Ohhh. Thank you for answering. I was thinking something else along the lines of the taking of the photo being triggering itself,not the flash,but I can see that too. Helpful tips though. :)

Hey mpde,
I have a question for the forum. My girlfriend is a multiple (we don't like to use the word "disorder" because they feel, and I agree, that they are not a disorder, just a part of what makes them, them). I am actually romantically involved with two of them and then there are two more people in the mix (well one is an animal primary, but we get along really well.) All of this is fine and dandy but very recently they began to form another personality that was a very "rotten child" personality. I have the feeling that this came about because we are living with her parents (who don't really know about the multiple thing) and some of the negative history she has with them.
The second they realized that they were forming this alter, they made a move to stop it. But as it was a child personality they didn't feel that they could kill it, so they split the personality and tried to integrate the aspects among themselves. Consequently, the past few days they have all been moody and immature and snippy. I am doing my best to stay patient, but I keep loosing it and snapping back. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not my girlfriend/boyfriend and that they will equalize soon and things will go back to normal, but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to ease the process for them or that I can do for myself so that we can stop fighting?

Hi Nereida 13

From what I know the rotten child as you call her, I don't think she was being formed unless the abuse is still going on. She was probably there all along but only comming out now. Who named her the rotten child? Often personalities that are really hurting beyond our wildest imagination will act out. In actual fact all they are wanting is to be seen and heard. A chance to tell their story and have someone understand. As part of the intergration parts of the child will be comming out in them. When she is snappy maybe ask if there is something she would like to do that would be fun or calming. We have to be the adult in this relationship as our partners are not, even though they would like to be but not able to feel and act the way they normally would.
Being in a relationship with someone who has mpd/did takes alot..... of sacrifice. Due to abuse they easily feel guilty,remorse and bad about themselves if they think they have upset us in anyway. What you can do for yourself is get time alone. Give yourself some space to do something you enjoy and then u are better able to cope when you together.
I wish you everything of the best and feel free to write me anytime.

Hi mpde, I dont know anything about DID... but i am here if you want someone to listen to you. I am a very good listener and wont judge, but will rather be encouraging. I hope you are having a good day :)

Hi sweet friend, always supportive, thank you.
I actually don't have it but my best friend does and that's why I have this platform as a support for others.
Hope you have an awsome day!

I wanted to add the following. I have Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder/Dissociative Identity Dissorder (DID) I simply chose to forget certain situations during my life. And even as an adult, i would do this when ever i would visit that home, so there are blanks, gaps in my life. Now is the reality that I am someone else at that time? No I am not. Gaps, don't always mean you have a split personality.
As an example:I had an incident, that i recalled later, and I now understand how this process works for me. Even though at the time,I was incredibly emotional, in tears, all upset; all i recalled was the mundane fact of peeling potatoes and preparing dinner. I had not a clue of all the other stuff. That at the time i was just an auto pilot, not paying attention to preparing the meal. I was totally preoccupied with my thoughts and emotions, and yet, all I retained the trivial, and not the important.
I also think, that once you start to dissassociate, like I did as a child, it becomes easier and easier to diss- associate. But once you realize you do diss -associate, you can inhibit the process, by reminding your self, it is ok, to be emotional.
However, if you are dealing with Multiple personalities, i don't believe it is that easy to control. I think that is always going to be a part of that individual. And that is the huge difference between Post traumatic Stress Dissorder/ Dissociative Identity Dissorder, and multiple personalities.

Hi neuilly, Thank you for your response and I agree with what you have said.
Trauma can cause people to have gaps in their lives as they block out things that are too painful ither physically or emotionally to deal with. Not meaning everyone who does that has mpd/did. It is one of the ways people with the condition manage to cope by splitting. The difference is when other personalities are formed to take over.

exactly...i agree.

Your a good friend and a good person for understanding, and wanting to discuss, teach, and inform people about the dissorder. And your wise to try to reach out to other people either having the dissorder, or like you, dealing with the dissorder by association.I always associate the dissorder with the book and person named Sybil. People seem to forget, that this is not just an interesting story, but a real person dealing with the multiple personalities and a struggle not just for the individual, but also for the people in that individual's life.

I have met a couple of people here that are dealing with this dissorder. They are both amazing people. And perhaps will step forward and share their story.I think that people dealing with this have to be incredibly blessed with coping skills to handle day to day situations.

Thank you neuilly,

I have a heart for the broken hearted and feel if I can help even one person a day my life would not of been in vain.
I really hope your two friends can come to a place where they can share on ep. Maybe you can tell them about this link. I appreciate your input.

For the longest time, two of my alters would argue and fight constantly. It would drive me insane and because of it, my ears are constantly kind of ringing from it. Not really sure why but one day, when I got really tired of them fighting all the time, i put in a pair of headphones and the music blocked out a lot of the fighting. It works for me and if you have alters that fight constantly, like Siryn and Phoebe does, maybe blocking it out with a little music for a little while wont make you feel like you're going crazy. The music is working for me and I always carry a set of headphone in my pocket in case they start up and I need a break from the fighting.

Thank you manaroo97071 for posting this and I'm sure it will be of help as I do know some people have the same problem.
So happy for you that you have found a solution to the problem.

You're a good woman mpde...glad you're my friend :)

Thank you prettyinpink and I am so happy to have you as my friend too.
Hope today is a good one for you and your prescious Son.


good story is it fiction or real

Thanks for reading my story.
It is real this is about people who have a real condition called multiple personality also known as dissociative identity disorder and my best friend has it.