My Personal Working Life

When I left school, I spent a couple of months of the summer working in a local factory not far from my home. I didn't even have a break after leaving school - I had my last day of school on a Friday, and then the following Monday I began working in the factory where I stayed for 3 months before moving on. The wages were paid monthly but I didn't mind. Once I'd left school, I was just happy to be earning money! 

After that I began an NVQ course, during which I got a work placement with the local government. Through doing this I was able to get a full time contract, and no I've been there for 8 years. I have flexible working hours, meaning that I can start and finish work whenever I want, as long as I get my hours done. If I'm feeling off, or if I have plans, I am able to finish early and make my hours up another day. Also, if I don't have anything planned on certain days I can work extra hours so that my hours get built up, which enables me to take advantage of early finishes on other days. And at the end of the week it doesn't matter if my hours are above or under what they should be, as the time balance can be carried over to the next week. It's ideal for so many reasons, and a recent survey found that the majority of people in my area would favour flexible working hours over pay increases! The wages are paid on a monthly basis (just like my first job), but after working there for 8 years I've got used to that (just about).

I don't currently have any plans to look for another job, and can honestly say that I'm happy with my working life. I have friends who hate their employers / colleagues, but I've always got along with the people I work with and have never had any problems.
Sandbwoy Sandbwoy
22-25, M
Jul 22, 2010