Jumping For Joy

I was out on the deck, planting flowers, feeling happy, when I heard him. I am in love again and I was just feeling good. He was sitting on the chimney top singing. I looked up just in time to see him propel himself straight up into the air about two feet and then he came right back down again to the same spot. I cracked up. I have seen bunnies and even baby foxes do this kind of thing, this playful jumping, but never a mockingbird. I couldn't help but smile. Maybe it was a mating thing, or maybe he was grabbing insects out of the air. But to me it appeared that he was jumping for joy, that he sensed mine and was doing something I could not, or I should say would not feel comfortable doing, as I am afraid of heights. He was singing from the rooftops. Maybe he's in love too.
He looked like he was jumping for joy. 

Quintesse Quintesse
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8 Responses Jun 12, 2011

What do you mean "fowl". Have you ever seen a pic of an ostrich? It is just ugly and ornery. It will kick you hard if you get in front of it. haha<br />
<br />
But the steaks etc are simply wonderful with almost zero cholesterol.

I believe they would be considered fowl. Not quite in the bird family. But I know you like to intimidate me with slaughter talk.<br />
Not working. I am covering my mostly vegetarian ears and humming a tune over here.

chickens, ducks, and turkeys.<br />
<br />
I often talk to them as their cuts lay on my plate. "Yummy" I would say to them...

They are surprisingly tame! Mockingbirds are bold, and if you ask me, adorable. The ones here sit on the chimney caps and sing and dance and the sound of their song comes down into the house--it echoes. It is fun.<br />
Also, when he showed up on my chimney again the other day I had a friend over so I yanked him on out there so he could witness the joy-jumping. It was cool, and he agreed that he "does look pretty happy." haha.<br />
Getting up close and personal with birds is my hobby. I know it is yours too. It's great. Thanks.

Shhhh. I killed a Mockingbird once. <br />
He jumped (again with the jumping!) out of the tall grass on the side of the road and smashed into the side of my car as I drove past. Naturally I was quite upset, but you don't expect birds to come shooting out from the curb--at least I don't.<br />
So apparently they like to jump, and sometimes it gets them into trouble. I don't tell too many people about my little Mockingbird mishap for the reason you just gave here. I was caught in cliche' hell,-- figured no one would believe me. <br />
I also buried a Mockingbird. Maybe they just like to tempt fate, the little daredevils.

I do think we were picking up on each other's vibe so you may be onto something with that Oscar. There was happiness in the air out there. <br />

He has been hanging around for a week doing this, but never on my chimney; I've been watching him at my neighbor's. <br />
This is not my picture, but it was the only one I could find of a mockingbird "jumping". He jumps straight up and then comes back down like he is performing a trick, that's why I thought he was just trying to impress another bird as opposed to snatching flies, which I would think would be a more erratic movement, as it is not likely they are flying toward him, haha.<br />
But I can tell you, I don't care what the purpose was, it was quite amusing.