The Golden Eggg

My mom, family, and I  were Easter egg hunting for the last egg. The golden egg. It had 20 dollars in it and we all wanted to find it. My aunt had hidden it so we knew it was gonna be hard to find. We went look in the front yard, the backyar. and now we went look in the final spot. The side of thee house. We looked every where and she said, y;all keep passing it up. Well we were confused about that cause we had looked almost everywhere. Well my mom goes and looks in a pipe that she thought my uncle had looked in. She looks in and sees the golden egg. But in the pipe it was sewer and someone had used the bathroom and it was in the pipe. She reached in the pipe and got the Golden egg. That wass a funnny sight.

Dawn1105 Dawn1105
4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

lols X)

lol XD

lol, i already told u XD

bwahahahahaa<br />
lol thats too funny. What happened next?